westward expansion. A.H

Updated: 5/12/2020
westward expansion. A.H

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due may 11 2020

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  • I wonder how much longer i have to trap animals and keep hiking.
  • Mountain men in Oregon Country
  • The Oregon Trail
  • only 10 more miles to go
  • how much longer
  • Manifest dynasty
  • The natives religion makes no sense to me, its all about Maifest Dynasty
  • Mountain Men: men who hiked through forests, trapping animals, and living off of the land. Were seen as "rugged individualists"- people who follow their own independent course in life.
  • Mexican-American war
  • You are ruining our country
  • How would we ruin it if we just want to make a state
  • If one does not choose to following the path of god, you may step out of the church.
  • Oregon Trail: A 2,000 mile route west to Oregon country. At dawn they load up and head out 15 miles later 6-7pm stop for the night, circle the wagons around.
  • Mormons in Utah
  • Manifest Dynasty: Idea that the united states is destined by god to expand its territory and spread it democracy across North America. It was used to justify American beliefs in white superiority over Native Americans and Mexicans who had been living on the land for generations.
  • California Gold rush
  • Mexican- American War: US refused to annex Texas, Senate feared war with Mexico. The Annexation Anger mexico, they never Accepted Texan independence, Americans thought Mexico stood in the way of manifest destiny
  • Mormons in Utah: Mormons- members of the church of jesus christ of latter- day saints. allowed men to have more than 1 wife, non-mormons, persecuted the mormons to be forced to move west.
  • California Gold Rush: John Sutter finds gold in his land in northern california, 1848. Forty-niners- more than 80,000 people who traveled to california in 1849 mining that gold.