Society and Economy Under the Old Regime
Updated: 12/16/2019
Society and Economy Under the Old Regime
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  • Life as an English noble sure is great. I own over a thousand acres of enclosed land, and it is worked by our peasants who don't get to hunt any of our game, but I suspect they do it anyway. This system is just an extension of how life has always been, as traditional Europe also included domination by British nobles over the rest of their country.
  • Herold, while I have no idea as to why you are bringing this up now without any prior queue or prompt, I do admit, life as a noble under the old regime is similar to traditional society, as the nobility still owns large amounts of land, as well as our control over the government, with the House of Lords, showing that we nobles remain at the top.
  • While this discussion has nothing to do with traditional societal values before our century, I can use it as the perfect segue to tell you to shut your mouth. You can't talk back to me since you're a woman and that would be historically inaccurate and socially unacceptable.
  • "Old Regime"? That implies there is a new regime. I thought we agreed we weren't going to break the fourth wall, Martha.
  • Well, Herald, I need to break SOME sort of wall, lest I go crazy! It's maddening, being trapped inside the 1:1 aspect ratio confines of the comic panels.
  • Weird... It's almost as if our font size used to be changeable, but due to a bug in the website's design, we can no longer speak with both the font style that we want and the size to fit in these thought bubbles that we, as sentient characters, can clearly see floating.
  • I didn't even mention that even though unlike traditional society, we have a parliament that checks the monarchy, the English aristocracy was limited is limited to only around 400 families or so, meaning that the aristocracy is so exclusive and elite, that the same principle of one small group being far above the masses in wealth and power still stands, albeit in a different style of government.
  • Here in France, we have two different types of nobles. Those who live with the king in Versailles, and those who don't. As someone who lives with the king, I can say that life here in France is very similar to traditional ways. The nobility is granted tax exemptions and we are pardoned from forced community service, or corveés, which is reminiscent of how Europe has always been. This is great.
  • I'm the king
  • While I do not see the reason why we, the poorest denomination of society, need to pay all of the taxes that the nobility is exempt from, I cannot deny, this whole situation is just like society before the 18th century, as the French nobility has maintained their control over their estates, as well as their proximity to the king. But what do I know? I'm just a peasant, after all.
  • As a noble who lives on an estate, I love not having to pay the taille, or land tax, and the king seldom enforces the vintigieme; an income tax.
  • Quick! I don't have much time! You might not know this, but our lives only extend to the end of this storyboard, and my author clearly has some sort of god complex with our existence and wasted an entire panel of my life doing that stupid bit with the English nobility that wasn't even that funny. I need to tell you all about the Eastern European nobility before the comic ends and I die forever.
  • The Eastern European nobility maintained traditional societal structures in Europe during the eighteenth century due to the nobility due to the continuation of serfdom. Serfdom was like peasantry without the payment. Another word is slavery. Either way, it works out for me, as I'm a Junker, soft J, my name has nothing to do with junk. Serfdom has been around in Europe since long before the 18th century, and its survival here is a clear sign that we nobles maintain traditional European institutions. Alongside this, our proximity to the military and monarchy keeps us in power, which, at risk of sounding like a broken record, is a key characteristic of traditional Europe, and it's persistence is significant of that societal system living in the 18th century. My god, I feel the end coming upon me. The panel is running out of space and I can feel my light dimming. Why did we have to be designed with sentience? This is a school project. I am clearly the product of an author who thinks he can technically afford to include this in his project because it wasn't specified in the rubric that he couldn't! The pain! Did I mention the we were also exempt from taxes?
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