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Do good, have good
Updated: 7/17/2020
Do good, have good
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Storyboard Description

A slave who was ill-treated by his master. He decided to run away. He ran into a forest, where he saw an injured lion with a thorn in its paw. Slave was frightened, but he removed the thorn. Some months later, the master arrested the slave and put him in the cell. The master ordered to put him in front of a hungry lion who would kill and eat him in front of many people as a punishment for his escape. He was thrown in the arena in front of a hungry lion. Many people were present to see this incident. After one glance the lion bounded up to him and started licking his feet with every expression of affection and delight! Fortunately, it was the same lion, whom he had helped. Moral: "Do good, have good"

Storyboard Text

  • Guards, put him in the cell and let him die there
  • But master I work very hard everyday.
  • I am not pleased with your work. I will not give you food anymore.
  • This night I am going to escape through this window otherwise, here, my master will kill me or I will die of hunger
  • Once upon a time, in a state, a poor slave lived who served his master for a long time but the master was cruel and did not treat him well despite he worked hard.
  • Phew! No one noticed me. Now I should run away before they know about it.
  • The master ordered his guards to put him in the cell and to give him no food.
  • OH NO! The lion is injured. There is a thorn in his foot. I should help it.
  • ROAR!
  • In the cell, the slave decides to escape and ran into the forest through the window at night.
  • In the forest, he heard a lion in pain. He went and saw that a lion needs help.
  • He saw a thorn in the lion's paw and removed it gently though he was scared. The lion felt relieved and became friend with the slave. Later, he was arrested.
  • His master ordered to throw him in front of a hungry lion in the arena, who will kill and eat him. The lion was let loose from den, it rushed towards the slave, when reached near, it recognized him and fawned upon him and licked his hands. Fortunately, it was the same lion in the forest. Both were ordered to be released.
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