The Picture of Dorian Gray Part 2

Updated: 9/10/2020
The Picture of Dorian Gray Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • We are done!
  • It looks different. Now I'm remembering my wish...
  • "If only I could stay young forever and the painting grow old, not me"
  • Diners and Party's later
  • That terible things that say about Dorian cant be real, no?With that beauty
  • Please, destroy the picture!
  • Dorian, ths is horrible. Something has changed you completely
  • it´s too late...
  • So I have no choice, I will help you but I never want to see you again.
  • You have to eliminate the body or I will reveal your secret
  • I'm not the person you are looking for. He has to be an old man but look at me!
  • I'm sorry I made a mistake.
  • I swore to avenge my sister Sybil killing you Prince Charming!