Updated: 10/25/2018
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  • - Gilgamesh was a King who was 2/3 god. His mother was a god and his father a man. He was stronger than anyone who lived. -Because of his strength, he conquered many cities and he had many riches. He took whatever he wanted. - He had trouble accepting his mortality. He wished for eternal life. - He has made a very good companion, named Enkidu, who has matched his strength.
  • -Gilgamesh used to be a very cruel king, but Enkidu changed Gilgamesh. -Through there journeys, Gilgamesh began to fear death and what the afterlife has in store for him.
  • sure thing Enkidu. 
  • Don't be cruel. I can beat you up!
  • -Gilgamesh and Enkidu went on adventures and slayed demons and beasts. -They became heroes, but the gods saw them as reckless. - After killing the Bull of Heaven, the gods decided to kill Enkidu. -This made Gilgamesh depressed terrified, so he searched for a way to attain eternal life.
  • Enkidu's Death
  • -Gilgamesh went to find a man who has eternal life. -This man's name was Utnapishtim. -Gilgamesh wanted to learn from him but failed. -Gilgamesh even got a plant from the ocean that restored strength, but he lost it.
  • Nooo!! I cannot die like Enkidu!!!
  • -Gilgamesh was told by the gods that eternal life was not his destiny. -So Gilgamesh became the wisest and the noble king he could become before he died.
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