The Oedipus Myth
Updated: 1/13/2021
The Oedipus Myth

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  • The Oedipus Myth
  • Oedipus was a baby that was predicted to kill his dad and marry his mom.Oedipus' parents give him to a shepherd and instruct the shepherd to kill him, but he instead offers Oedipus to the king and queen of Corinth since they were unable to have children
  • Oedipus grew to be wise and strong, and was happy, thinking that the king and queen of Corinth were his birth parentsEventually though, he learned of his fate to kill his dad and marry his mom, but he ran away from Corinth thinking that the king and queen of Corinth were his birth parents
  • I'm never returning to Corinth!
  • As he was running away, he met an angry man, who unbeknownst to him, was his dad.They settled it out with a duel, and Oedipus wound up killing his dad.
  • Oedipus ran to the city of Thebes, to find out it was plagued by a sphinx. The only way to get past it was to answer a riddle.Oedipus was asked, "What walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three at night," He thought about it and finally answered "A man!"
  • The answer is man!
  • Once he got into Thebes, he met a beautiful woman named Jocasta, which was really his mom. They went on to have 4 kids, Eteocles, Polyneices, Antigone, and Ismene.When the truth became known that the prophecy was fulfilled, Oedipus blinded himself and went into exile, and Jocasta ended her life. Antigone and Ismene accompanied Oedipus, and he eventually died and was swallowed into the earth to become a guardian of the land
  • Come on Antigone
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