Unknown Story
Updated: 1/19/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Inciting moment
  • Rising Action
  • "As we road aboard, and mirror to the main land, at one end of the bay, we saw a cavern yawning above the water." (Homer 374)
  • Climax
  • "Strangers, he said, who are you? And where from? What brings you here by sea ways a fair traffic? Or are you wandering rogues, who cast your liveslike dice, and ravage other folk by sea?" (Homer 377)
  • Falling action
  • "Brothers nobody has blinded me!"
  • "if I killed himwe perished there as well, for we could nevermove his ponderous doorway slab aside." (Homer 378)
  • Resolution
  • " lugging it near the Cyclopsas more than natural force nerved them; straightforward they sprinted, lifted it, and rammed itdeep in his crater eye." (Homer 380)
  • "So three sheep could convey each man. I took the woolliest ram, the choicest of the flock,and hung myself under his kinky belly,pulled up tight, with fingers twisted deepin sheepskin ringlets for an iron grip." (Homer 381)
  • "I got the longest boathook out and stoodfending us off, with furious nods to all to put their backs into a racing stroke row, row, or perish. So the long oars bent kicking the foam sternward, making headuntil we drew away, and twice as far." (Homer 383)