Updated: 2/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, Jane! We're in the same science class right?
  • Yes, we're both in class 0214. Let's go together!
  • Do we have exam today? Oh no, I forgot to study!
  • Thank you, Jane!
  • Yes. No worries, we still have 30 minutes to review, I'll help you!
  • I'm not sure, is it Hans Christian Oersted? The Danish physicist and a chemist.
  • Correct! Now it's your turn to ask me!
  • First question, who discovered Electromagneitism?
  • Who contributed in developing equations that showed the relationship of electricity and magnetism?
  • Aha! I surely know who this is because he's my favorite! James Clerk Maxwell!
  • Oh easy peasy! Heinrich Hertz!
  • Who showed experimental evidence of electromagnetic waves and their link to light?
  • Next, Who formulated the principle behind electromagnetic induction?
  • Oh I know! He's name is the same as my father's. Michael Faraday1