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Reconstruction Poster Project
Updated: 10/11/2019
Reconstruction Poster Project
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Poster Project for Social Studies

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  • Hello, I am Frederick Douglass, and I will tell you about the Reconstruction Era.
  • To start off, Reconstruction was the period of time following the Civil War, it began in January 1st, 1863 and ended in March 31st, 1877.
  • I heard that Lincoln's plan was to forgive the south as long as they came back to the Union, I disliked this plan. The reason I disliked it because I feel they should be punished for keeping us blacks as slaves.
  • Andrew Johnson's plan for reconstruction allowed the south to regulate their transition from slavery to freedom, but he offered no political roles for blacks.
  • The Republicans came up with their own plan, they called it the Radical Republicans Plan, they supported federal rights for citizens, and defined the terms for freed-slaves sufferage, and limited sufferage for confederate Soilders
  • Now to compare the plans, the Republicans wanted former slave sufferage, while Johnson's plan was to let the south transition from slaves to freedom, Lincoln wanted to forgive the south and offered pardons to those who took the oath of loyalty.
  • Even though the 13th amendment freed slaves, black codes stopped blacks from doing many things, congress had to pass the 14th and 15th amendment to solve this. At the same time, southerners were complaining because they were going broke, the reason was the confederate money which was now useless. The U.S. was torn apart after the civil war, and it was hard to bring it together, which is why so much happened in a short period of time.
  • So, two didn't forgive the south, one did, and two plans stopped blacks from doing something. These plans were not the best, which is why reconstruction ended in 1877.
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