The Great Depression - Zoie Meek

Updated: 9/3/2021
The Great Depression - Zoie Meek

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  • October 24 1929 
  • February 1930
  • June 1930 
  • This event was known as Black Thursday and kicked off the stock market crash of 1929. This lasted for about 5 days in total. They were in panic and many stocks were sold on the margin for the price of the small market stocks.
  • March 4 1932
  • This was known as the Smoot-Hawley Act. It raised import tariffs and arguably worsened the great depression. This was a law that implemented protectionist trade policies in the U.S. It was signed by President Herbert Hoover in 1930.
  • September 5 1935 
  • A few months later the dust bowl began. During this time was a horrible drought that affected many states. There were also dust storms that killed livestock and people across the entire region. 
  • 1938
  • This event represents when FDR took office. He was the 33rd president and was very well liked. He was also known as one of the best presidents of all times. He created a lot of different federal programs for our country.
  • This marks the date the Huey Long was assassinated. He was an American politician and was our 40th governor. He only served 3 of his years.
  • This was the new beginning for everyone. The economy started to grow again and the Great Depression was over. But this also started World War 2.