Unknown Story
Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • UHH I hope everything goes good !
  • Ohh lord!
  • Hey! Renolds, How You been ?
  • Been Good, and you Jessica? Are You ready ?
  • Been Great, and Yes I been waiting for this day to come
  • Hope there is not a lot of people
  • That's Good, Okay lets head to the stage
  • Production Of Shampoo
  • Umhh, Hi... I am Jessica
  • Can You speak louder!
  • AHHHHHH! I can't
  • Why is she standing like that?
  • Okay, Umhh , So , Uhmm This is the product I'm selling
  • I can't even see the presentation
  • Bruhh I can Not see nothing !
  • I'm out of here !!!
  • They come in many colors and umhh different smells