The rise and fall PART1
Updated: 12/14/2020
The rise and fall PART1

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  • Economy's Growth in the 1920s
  • what is that, in your hand?
  • Oh this is my new credit card. I don't have to pay for anything up front, instead I can pay for it later. It allows for things in stores to be sold very cheap and for people to buy things easily. Buy now, pay later.
  • All these stock market sales sure will rope in plenty of new investors, and cause a rise in economy
  • Stock for sale!
  • I want one!
  • By: Aly Onesty
  • We would like to buy 3 and contribute to America's consumerism by buying excessive amounts of goods and products.
  • Automobiles For SALE
  • How many would you like to buy?
  • Technological Advances - in the 1920s many technological things were normalized like electricity in homes, automobiles, and credit cards.
  • Yes!
  • Are you gentlemen ready to work here? We live in a large and modernized area so the workload will be hefty.
  • Stock Market Boom- the economy in the 1920s was at a peak because of how many people were buying and investing in things like stock.
  • Consumerism- the idea of Americans in the 1920s was that they buy copious amounts of goods like washing machines, automobiles, radios, et cetera.
  • New Industries- the industries in the 1920s helped America reach a new high for the economy and were becoming a booming work field, especially in electrical areas.
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