weathering comic

Updated: 1/29/2019
weathering comic

Storyboard Text

  • Right now I'am right next to a person when it's raining.I think I'm going to desolve!And I'm going to follow this person home.
  • Right now it's still raining and me and my person are almost home.I hope I can get home with my person's mom in a dry house.
  • mom I'm home!
  • Oh look it's the dog!I hope she dose not eat me like the chicken on rock moana.
  • guess I'm going down the drain!
  • Now I'm about to get stepped on because she was just taking a walk in the middle of the night.Who knows if I could get stepped by on her and I would come home with her!
  • wait is she going to step on me? Ah!
  • Ok so my prediction was right I'am now about to go into her house