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Social Studies
Updated: 11/15/2019
Social Studies
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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • We should be able to move west of the Appalachian mountains!
  • Yeah! We just fought a war so we could move there.
  • Declaratory Act 1766
  • Boston Massacre 1770
  • "Fire! Fire!"
  • After the French and Indian War, the colonists were happy that they were finally able to move west of the Appalachian mountains. But when the British banned people moving west, the colonists were very angry. Hundreds of people were forced to move
  • Tea Act/Boston Tea Party 1773
  • "Taxes are unfair!!""Tax this!"
  • After repealing the Stamp Act, the Parliament wanted to reassure the colonists of their power. In 1766, Parliament passed the Declaratory Act, basically saying that they can make whatever laws they want and the colonies don't have a say in it.
  • Intolerable Acts 1774
  • "The colonists are not the ones in charge. We are! And it is a mockery that they think otherwise."
  • After a heated argument between a heated argument between a Bostinian and a British soldier, the soldier struck the man. Shortly after a crowd gathered and a few more troops arrived. it is unclear if their colonists were telling them to fire or if the troops were told to fire, but shots went off and by the time the crowd cleared three men lay dead on the ground.  The first man dead was Crispus Attucks, who was of African decent.
  • First Continental Congress 1774
  • "We should make our own things so we can ovoid taxes!"
  • In 1773, Parliament agreed to pass the Tea Act, which sold cheaper tea directly to the colonies. But the tea was cheaper, and Parliament thought this would bring down smuggling. but colonial merchants and smugglers were afraid it would put them out of business. So the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Indians on ships full of tea and dumped millions of dollars worth of tea into the Boston Harbor.
  • After hearing about the Boston Tea Party, the British prime minister, Lord North, was very angry with the colonists. So to punish the colonies, they passed the Coersive Acts, which the colonies called the Intolerable Acts, in hope that they would restore order in the colonies.
  • "The protesting has to stop! We need to punish them for what they have done to the harbor."
  • The First Continental Congress was a meeting of delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies. they meet because they thought they should mak etheir own things like clothes and spin fabric to avoid paying taxes to the British. This is called boycott.
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