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Digestive System
Updated: 12/7/2018
Digestive System
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  • The Digestive System
  • 2 Fun Facts About the Digestive System
  • Diagram
  • Other systems that it works with
  • The Digestive Systems
  •  The digestive systems main function is to break down the food you eat into molecules your body can use as energy.
  • Main Function
  • The Esophagus
  • The Mouth
  • The Main Organs in the Digestive System
  • The large Intestine
  • Which Cell Organelles Does it Relate to?
  • The Small Intestine
  • The Liver
  • The Gallbladder
  • The Pancreas
  • The Rectum
  • The Stomach
  • The second part of your small intestine is called jejunum.
  • This is a diagram of the digestive system
  • smooth muscle cell which some organs in the digestive system are made of such as the stomach
  • The human body has blood vessels that carry blood to every part of the body and transport nutrients to every part of the body
  • The mouth is where food enters the body.The esophagus is a muscular tube that uses peristalsis to push food to the stomach. The stomach is where the food is broken down by acid.The liver produces bile which breaks up fat particles. The gallbladder is where the bile is stored. The pancreas creates pancreatic juice which aids in digestion. The small intestine is where most chemical digestion takes place and where nutrients are absorbed. The large intestine absorbs water from the undigested chyme into the bloodstream and the remaining material is ready to be eliminated from the body. The rectum absorbs water and salts and the remaining waste is discarded from the body.
  • Mitochondria in a plant cell
  • Vacuole in a plant cell (they are bigger in plants)
  • Your intestines can be 22-30 feet long and the second part of your small intestine is called jejunum.
  • 22-30 ft. long!
  • The digestive system works with the muscular,excretory,and circulatory systems.Some organs that are in the digestive system are smooth muscle which connects it with the muscular system.The excretory system gets rid of the undigested food in your rectum.The circulatory system absorbs nutrients for the body and transports them to where they need to go.
  • The digestive system is like mitochondria because it uses energy from food to supply the body.It could also be compared to the vacuole which stores food,water,and waste.The digestive system stores the waste in the body until it can be discarded.
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