Updated: 9/27/2021

Storyboard Text

  • our hero sets sail for the land of the Danes who have been troubled by a monster named Grendel
  • go sail the swan-road and search out the king who needs defenders.
  • LAND HO!
  • thank you God, for that easy crossing on a calm sea
  • what kind of men are you who arrive rigged out for combat in coats of mail
  • I am the son of Ecgtheow and we belong to the geats and owe allegiance to king Hygelac. We've heard of your struggles and have come to defeat your enemy
  • I believe what you have told me: that you are a troop loyal to our king. Come with me, my comrades will watch your ship
  • here is the great heorot hall, the dazzling stronghold, now it is time for me to go. Im away to the sea, Im back on alert against enemy raiders
  • heorot hall