Evolution Storyboard- Evidence

Updated: 3/26/2021
Evolution Storyboard- Evidence

Storyboard Text

  • To begin, we have a butterfly, a bird, and a bat. The structure of these organisms are similar, but in unrelated ways.
  • To learn more about the topic of evolution, we are using three different organisms to understand analogous structures.
  • Our goal is to use evidence, like analogous structures, to better understand the study of evolution.
  • Works Cited:Scoville, Heather. “Can Two Unrelated Species Evolve to Become Similar?” ThoughtCo, 9 Oct. 2019, www.thoughtco.com/about-analogous-structures-1224491. 
  • Just by looking at them, we can see some of the things they have in common.
  • From prior knowledge, we know all three of these organisms can fly.
  • Their bone structures are similar because they evolved to do the same job. 
  • Even though the organisms have similar structures, they did not inherit them from a common ancestor.
  • These organisms independently evolved, but have the same purpose.
  • Analogous structures are pieces of evidence for evolution. They are proof of the theory of natural selection, and that organisms had a number of adaptations over time.