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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • he is so dumb and little
  • are you okay jordanno i have been getting mean text messeges from henry
  • 96-37x
  • I got an A 
  • its the next class and he is sitting right next me me oh no could this day get any worse
  • please call henry into th room
  • i have to use the restroom
  • henry has been bullying me and jordan everyday and aalso he has been cyber bullying us
  • cause you have been bullying me way to much
  • why did you tell on me snitch im gonna beat you up
  • henry has been bullying jordan more though he hit him after before you saw him hit jordan principal he beat him up
  • yes
  • is this true jordan
  • you have been bullying my son
  • hes been bullying me and jordan every day and cyber bullying to and he hit me in the bathroom right after you walked in he stole my wallet
  • your expelled henry !!!!