Part 1
Updated: 2/13/2021
Part 1

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  • Pilloo
  • Mariam
  • Ruth
  • Lala, you are committing mistake by giving shelter to firangis.
  • I am doing what is right.
  • Lala's mother
  • Lala Ramjimal
  • Have you noticed that Lala is taking so much care of his home?
  • Yeah, I think he is hiding something.
  • Citizens
  • Lala Ramjimal
  • We should ask him what the matter is.
  • Fisher woman
  • I would have if any firangis were left.
  • Lalain
  • Oh! you came after such a long time, I hope you have made your penny.
  • Lala's house consists of her mother, himself, Ruth, Mariam, His wife, Pilloo and his mother and granny.Firangis spend lots of time in Lala's house and Lala keeps them updated.
  • I think we should change our name this will keep us safe
  • Ya mom you are right.
  • Lala was keeping a close look over his house but every time he saved himself by giving some excuses like, he had lost his job because of mutiny.
  • Oh my god see her dangorous eyesrun! run! run!
  • I would pierce your heart if you lay hand upon any one.
  • One day a fisher woman came and she conformed that all firangis were died including Labadoor's family. This gives a sigh of relief to Mariam, Ruth and other firangis who were living in the house.
  • Mariam
  • After a long time Labadoor's family had changed their dirty cloths. This impulses idea in Mariam's head to change their name so that no one can recognise them. Ruth was named as Khurshid , Pilloo was named as Ghulam Hussain, Granny was named as Bari-bi.
  • Granny
  • Ruth
  • On a hot night everyone except Mariam was sleeping. She doubts presence of some one else in house. She saw dark figures of men starring at her. She showed her courage. After that firangis felt that they were not safe here.
  • Mariam