How A Bill Becomes A Law
Updated: 1/29/2020
How A Bill Becomes A Law
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  • Step 1
  • So calss today we are going to talk about how a bill became a law!
  • 3. Good question. U.S. citizens try to get someone to bring it up in congress but only congress can itroduce the bill.
  • 1. The first step is bacically Introducing the bill to the House Of Representatives.
  • How a bill becomes a law.
  • 2. How do they know what to introduce?
  • 4. Oh! I know what step 2 is!
  • 5. I also know what step 2 is!
  • Step 2 nd 3
  • 5. Good! Now go to your next class to talk more about how a bill becomes a law!
  • 1. Ok tell the calss what step 2 is.
  • 1. So today we are going to talk about how a bill becomes a law! So can someone raise thier hand and tell me what step 3 is?
  • 2. Step 2 is when the bill is getting assined to Committiee.
  • 3. Yes, but you forgot one thing the Speaker needs to determines which bills are discussed and for how long.
  • 3. Also the Senate and the House will have groups of politicians who will meet to discuss a ways to improve a bill before it is voted on.
  • 2. If the bill is passed by thecommittee it's sent to the whole House of Congress for a presentation and votes.
  • 4.And the Committee can edit it or kill the bill in Committee
  • Step 4 and 5
  • 2. I will do it! So once the bill is pased in the house of represenative the bill will be sent to the U.S. senate!
  • 1. Step 5 is when the bill goes to the Senate! can anyone explain more about step 5?
  • Step 4 is when the bill is getting voted on and debated on in the house. Usually the votes are done electronically.
  • 3. To add on to that the committee can hold a hearing to make changes to the bill and also the committee can 'report' the bill to the senate floor.
  • Step 6
  • 4. Also if the people are tired of the filibuster they can call ''cloture'' which is when 60 of the senate agrees to end the debate.
  • 1. Step 6 is when the bill is depated and voted on in the senate. Also if a senater doesn't want the bill to past they can just use a filibuster.
  • 3. Nice question! A filibuster is a stalling tactic the senate can use to delay the voting.
  • 2. What is a filibuster?
  • Step 7
  • 1. Step 7 is when both houses must pass the bill! A simple majority in both houses is needed to pass the bill and they need 51% to pass the bill.
  • 2. Now go outside and the teacher there will talk about the last step!
  • Step 8
  • 3. And the president can veto or reject it but he will need a reason to reject it. Also if Congress is not in session the bill dies afte 10 days.
  • 2. And also the president can sign the bill if he wants to but if he doesn't want ro he does't have to.
  • 1.. Step 8 is when the bill is sent to the president and it becomes a law.
  • 4. Lastly if the president vetos the bill, both Houses can reconcider the bill and if the presiden sign the bill its going to be a federal law so now each state must follow it!
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