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Updated: 12/7/2018
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  • This is the skeletal system!
  • The main function for the skeletal system is to provide support and shape for the body!
  • The main organs in this system are the femur, humerus, clavicle, skull, and ribs.
  • Did you know that........ most of your bones are in your hands and feet. Wanna know something else really cool? Bones are strong, but teeth are stronger.
  • These are 2 facts
  • Joint- a place where 2 bones come together or meet Ligaments- Connective tissue that connect BONE TO BONE!!! Cartilage- Flexible tissue that cushions ends of bone
  • The systems that work together with the skeletal system is Intergumentary and Muscular. If you want to compare the skeletal system to a cell organelle it would be compared to the cell wall.
  • Now you have learned the skeletal system. I hope this will help you understand it..
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