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Updated: 8/3/2020
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  • God made the world
  • No other planets but earth existed. There was no sun nor moon or stars. There was a separation of light from darkness, which indicated the rotation of the earth. This was the start of the creation of earth.
  • Adam and Eve rejected God
  • God forbid Adam and Eve from eating the fruit from the tree in the center of the garden, but they disobeyed because the serpent said so and god wasn't happy, but they became the first humans to know good and evil.
  • God promises Abraham - the promised land, the promise of the descendants and the promise of blessing and redemption.
  • God makes promises to Abraham to bless the world again
  • Cain kills Abel out of jealousy because the lord liked Able's gift more than his. Unfortunately Cain couldn't take it anymore so he murdered Abel. God asked Cain where Abel was and he responded with a lie. God knew he was lying and he put a curse over Cain. This curse was that when Cain did the crops they wouldn't grow for him any longer.
  • Cain kills Abel
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