The land of the Dead
Updated: 3/10/2020
The land of the Dead
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  • Cersei tells Odysseus he must go to the land of the dead and meet with Teiresias to return home
  • In order to reach the land of the dead, Odysseus sacrifices a few sheep to Persephone and lets they blood flow in a river to attract Teiresias.
  • Odysseus meets with Teiresias and receives a prophecy stating that he will have a terrible journey because he blind Poseidon son.
  • Odysseus is then told that he will reach an island ruled by the god Helios populated with his sun cattle, but if the cattle are killed or harmed...
  • ...both his crew and ship will be lost, and he will return home years later in a new ship.
  • But when he returns home he will find that men are taking his livestock and trying the court his wife, and that he will have to kill all these men.
  • Odysseus must also go to men who have never seen the sea in their life and covert them to worship Poseidon
  • It was promised that if he did this he can live to be old with his wife.
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