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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • 27 BC
  • Listen up people! I am Caesar Augustus, your first Roman emperor! I will bring peace and prosperity to the state! Embrace yourselves!
  • 64 AD
  • My dearest empire, let me play my lyre. This is for you!
  • 121 AD
  • Secure the area! Make sure that barbarians won't trespass!
  • Don't let your guards down! Keep your eyes open and stay alert!
  • Roman Empire started when Caesar Augustus reign as the first Roman Emperor
  • 306 AD
  • I'm Emperor Constantine and I will be the one to split the empire into two! Mark my word!
  • Emperor Nero, playing his lyre, overseen the city of Rome surrounded with fire, burning.
  • 395 AD
  • I belong to the Western Empire!
  • I am from the Eastern Empire!
  • The Hadrian Wall was established which stretches from coast to coast across Northern England to guard the barbarians away.
  • 476 AD
  • Constantine ruled as an emperor. He then converted into Christianity. Likewise, Rome soon developed into a Christian empire, yet before this happened, Rome punished the Christians.
  • Rome was divided into two empires - Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire.
  • Western Roman Empire and the fall of Ancient Rome ended. In addition, German Goth Odoacer won against the last Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustus. It led the beginning of Dark Ages in Europe.
  • That's what you get for initiating a fight with me! You can't save everyone nor play like a hero! Die now, loser!
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