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Gavins Road to revolution storyboard
Updated: 11/15/2019
Gavins  Road to revolution storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • We were the ones that fought for that land
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • I wanted that land
  • The sugar act-1765
  • No we will smuggle
  • You will pay the tax on the sugar you buy
  • Boston massacre-1770
  • Fire!!!!
  • I dare you to fire
  • The proclamation of 1763 was the proclamation that told colonists they couldn't settle west of the Appalachian mountains this made colonists mad because they had just fought a war for that exact land
  • Boston tea part-1773
  • The sugar act was a tax passed on sugar and molasses products even though it lowered the price of the tax of these items it enforced the act so colonists wouldn't smuggle these products into the colonies anymore
  • Intolerable acts-1774
  • The Boston massacre was what started as a mob arguing with soldiers and ended with shots from British soldiers killing 3 on the spot and 2 later.
  • First continental congress-1774
  • We want freedom!!
  • The Boston tea party was an event done by colonists dressed up as Indians in which they took a ship out of the harbor and dumped 340 tea chests or 1 million dollars worth of tea over the ship while others watched.
  • The intolerable acts were the laws that were passed after the Boston tea party to punish colonists for being defiant and protesting.
  • Stop being defiant
  • The first continental congress was a group of 12 people from 12 of the 13 colonies that came together to make decisions for the future of the colonies and hopefully to gain freedom
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