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You teach me. Project
Updated: 12/7/2018
You teach me. Project
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  • Photosynthesis is what plants go through to make food.
  • I need the sun and water for me to preform photosynthesis, and make my food.
  • Sun and water make food for the plants. 
  • Now I have sunlight and water to produce my food.
  • Carbon Dioxide goes into the plant for Oxygen to come out.
  • I take in Carbon Dioxide to produce Oxygen for people and animals to breathe.
  • Photosythesis is the process by which a cell
  • The Skeletal System
  • The main reason for the Skeletal System is for support and shape. Allows movement with help of the muscular system! The Skeletal System protects the tissue and organs for example:skull,ribs,and spine protect organs and tissues. It stores certain materials such as calcium ,phosphorus, and fat. It also produces red blood cells to transport oxygen through the circulatory system.
  • There are two parts of the skull Mandible and Cranium.
  • The clavicle is known as collar bone. Sepula is the shoulder blade. The humerous is the bone from your shoulder to the elbow. The rib-cage is the main bone that protects your lungs.
  • Sunlight goes through the leafs, and water goes through the plants roots and moves upward the leaf.
  • The Skeletal System Diagram
  • Plants take in Carbon Dioxide through an openings called stamata. 
  • The Bones
  • Main reason for Skeletal System: Shape and Support.
  • There are to bones connected to the elbow the one on the inside is called the ulna and the one that faces outward is the radius. Your wrist is called the carpal. Your fingers and toes are called phalanges.
  • Your waist bone is called the pelvis. The largest bone in the human body is called the femur. The patella also know as the knee cap is right underneath the femur. Just like the fore arm there are two different bones that connect patella to the rest of the leg, the smallest one is called fibula, and the larger one is called the tibia. As in the wrist there are bones that connect the feet to the tibia and the fibula called tarsals.
  • Fun Fact- The femur is the largest bone in the human body. Fun Fact- A newborn baby has 305 bones in their body. 
  • Bones in the skeletal system roduces red blood cells.
  • Red Blood cells carry oxygen through out the body.
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