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Teach Me Something! by Jewel Hood
Updated: 12/7/2018
Teach Me Something! by Jewel Hood
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  • Hello! I'm about to go do some photosynthesis! 
  • I'm good, just performing photosynthesis before I go play!
  • Hi lydia! How are you? 
  • Ok! It's very windy, so be careful!
  • Lydia the Leaf loves to preform photosynthesis to make her dinner. She needs sun light, water, and carbon dioxide to do so.
  • It feels so nice to just sit in the sun for a bit while making my lunch!
  • Sun light comes from, of course, the sun, water comes from rain, and carbon comes from humans when they exhale oxygen.
  • H2O or water enters the roots here
  • CO2 or Carbon dioxide enters here
  • During photosynthesis, autotrophs uses the sun's energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugars.
  • Yum! That was good!
  • Capturing the sun's energy mostly happens in leaves. Cholroplast in plants cells captive energy using photosynthetic pigment called chlorphyll.
  • CO2 enters leave through stomata, H2 O enters through the roots.
  • Finally, the sugars produced in chloraplast are used by the plant cells for energy.
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