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Updated: 12/6/2018
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  • Hi there! I'm Mrs.suesy. Let's talk about Genetics, heredity, and DNA. Let's start with DNA.
  • DNA is the genetic code for everything. It is contained in the nucleus. If DNA was nonexistent, we would not live. Now on to genetics!
  • Genetics is literaly the study of heredity. That's all it is. It is very interesting but let's not get into it yet. We can get init in the next thing. Now on to heredity!
  • Heredity is the passing down of traits from one organism to offspring. We show this using a punnett square. The offsprings homozygous or heterozygous.
  • Now that you know about DNA, Genetics, and heredity, I can go to sleep. Bye.
  • Here's some fun facts about DNA, genetics, and heredity. DNA stands for deoxyribonucliec acid. Genetics started in 1905, by a man named William Bateson. Heredity is a big factor in us it helps make us us and not the same as everyone else.
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