Anne Frank
Updated: 3/31/2020
Anne Frank
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  • The Franks and Van Daans arrive at the Secret Annex. Miep, Mr. Kraler, and Mr. Frank explain the rules to them and what their daily routines will be. Mr. Frank also gives Anne her diary.
  • Mr. Kraler and Miep introduce a new guest, Mr. Dussel. At first the Van Daans are unwelcoming, but when they learn about how hard the circumstances are outside of the annex, they are more welcoming. Dussel is assigned to share a room with Anne
  • "Right here in Amsterdam everyday hundreds of Jews disappear...They surround a block and search house by house. Children come home from school to find their parents gone." (369)
  • Hello, I'm Dussel
  • I apologize, we had no idea how tough it was outside of here.
  • You'll share a room with Anne.
  • There is barely enough food!
  • In the midst of their Hanukkah celebration, a thief breaks into the building. Alerted by the noise, they cease their celebration. However, their location upstairs is then given away, because Peter knocks over a lamp. Alerted by the noise, the thief runs away.
  • CRASH!!
  • Mr. Dussel brings news that the thief who broke into the building knows about their presence. The man is now requesting blackmail of 20 guilders.
  • "He said he thought he remembered a door there..Wasn't there a door there that used to go up to the loft? Then he told me he wanted more money. Twenty guilders more a week." (391)
  • Mr. Van Daan is caught stealing food and Mrs. Frank threatens to throw him out. However, before she can go through, Miep comes to the house with good news. The allies have landed in Germany! The group celebrates and apologizes for their arguments they've had throughout their time in the annex. Everyone is in lighter and happier spirits.
  • Everyone! I have brought good news! The allies have landed in Germany!
  • I'm sorry for stealing food. I feel awful.
  • How dare you steal bread and food from the children! Leave this instant! I'm sick and tired of your complaining and this thievery is unacceptable
  • Everyone! Lets make a toast! To the allies! This is a time for celebration!
  • The members of the annex are taken away by the Green Police and escorted off to the concentration camps. Anne leaves her diary at the house and they are taken away.
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