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Updated: 11/15/2019
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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • There is a guy over yonder. I am going to get him and send him back to where he belongs.
  • I am going to settle on the west side of the Appalation Mountians.
  • Stamp act-1765
  • Boston Massacre-1770
  • Go back to your quarters now!
  • Come on you rascals...Fire if you dare!
  • The proclimation of 1763 made it so people were not allowed to settle on the west side of the Appellations because the other side was the Native Americans land.
  • Boston tea party-1773
  • The Stamp Act was passed by the British parliament in 1765. It required all American colonists to pay a tax on every peice of printed paper they used.
  • Intolerable acts-1774
  • The Boston Massacare was a fight between American colonists and red coats. It started with a colonist getting clubed and then shot.
  • First Continental Congress-1774
  • The Boston Tea party was when colonists dressed up as Native Americans and dumped over a million dollars in British tea into the Boston Harbor.
  • The Intolerable Acts were put in place by the British to show that they still had power over the colonies and the colonies were still part of Britain. The British ended up closing the Boston Harbor.
  • The First Continental Congress took place in 1774 to try to get the British parliament to repeal the Stamp Act.
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