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Monroe Doctrine
Updated: 1/10/2020
Monroe Doctrine
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  • We need to protect the Americas from Spain if we want plan on keeping our trade
  • We should write a document and propose it to congress.
  • The document shall say how we will not tolerate puppet monarchs or any further colonization of the Americas
  • That sounds perfect Sir
  • We have a message from the British saying they are trying to help how should we respond
  • Tell them we appreciate the offer but we refuse for we cannot appear weak in the eyes of Spain.
  • James Monroe is telling his assistant they need to write the Monroe Doctrine. This leads to him proposing it to congress.
  • I will now give the speech to congress I have written.
  • And I shall support you Mr President
  • President James Monroe drafts the Monroe Doctrine stating that the Americas will not tolerate any colonization of the Americas and will take it as a direct threat to our safety.
  • Have you seen what President Monroe has stated sir
  • Sir have you seen what President Monroe has stated
  • Yes and I am afraid we must comply
  • President James Monroe rejects the British offer as he does not want to appear weak and as the British small friend.
  • Don't even think about it Europe
  • Woohoo!!
  • I know I guess we'll have to take over someone else
  • Its December 2, 1823 and President James Monroe is going to give his speech to congress. This speech includes that the European powers were obligated to respect the Americas.
  • The King of England receives the news of President Monroe and realizes that he will not be able to colonize any of Latin America.
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