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Taylor's revolution story board
Updated: 11/14/2019
Taylor's revolution story board
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  • "What?! This is so unfair! We don't even have people in the parlament on our side!"
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • "You can't settle west of the appalation mountains. Here are taxes you have to pay for our war."
  • The Sugar Act - 1764
  • "We shall put taxes on molasis and sugar."
  • "This will allow us to raise more money for our colony."
  • The Boston Massacre - 1770
  • "Who said fire? I certinly didn't."
  • The colonists couldn't settle west of the appalation mountains. British began passing laws that gave the colonists taxes to pay for the French and Indian war. The colonists thought it was unfair because they had no representitives in the parliment.
  • The Tea Act/Boston Tea Party-1773
  • "Now the British will pay for what they have done to us!"
  • British put taxes on molasis and sugar that were imported by other colonies. They did this so they could get more money to pay for the French and Indian war.
  • The Intolerable Act - 1774
  • "We need to give the colonists acts so they don't do bad things to us anymore."
  • This is important because someone in the crowed said shoot and the British shoot the colonists. The British thought their commander said shoot other wise they would not have done this. It sets off a huge protest.
  • The First Continental Congress-1774
  • "We need to figure out a way to stop the British from doing this to us."
  • "We need to make them feel our pain."
  • This act forces colonists to pay for taxes so they can lower the prices on tea. The colonist fight back and dump 3 boats of tea into the Boston harbour and they are all punished.
  • British passed acts that were againt the colonists once again. The Boston Harbour was closed. Any kind of town meetings ended and troops could go to any colonists house and use their house for as long as they wanted.
  • Yes sir.
  • Colonists meet in Philadelphia to discuss what they were going to do to stop the British from making them pay taxes and other things that they shouldn't be.
  • "Yes. I know but how?"
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