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Lydia the leaf
Updated: 12/6/2018
Lydia the leaf
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  • To start photosynthesis you must first have sunshine,carbon,and water as well as the tools to do so.
  • sunlight comes from the sun,carbon comes from the air around me and water comes from rain,bodies of water as well as water under the ground
  • The sun's energy(radiant energy) is captured by the chloroplast the cell that make the plant green. Carbon is captured by the stomata and oxygen is also released by the stomata. The roots take in water.
  • the water, sunlight and carbon is combined to make glucose and sugar which I use for energy. 
  • without the energy I get from photosynthesis I would wilt and die as well as the majority of plants who also rely on photosynthesis.
  • without me you wouldn't have air to breathe and food to eat.
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