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Road To Revolution
Updated: 11/19/2019
Road To Revolution
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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • How is that fair?!
  • You cannot settle past the mountains
  • Declaratory Act-1766
  • He's right
  • Britian has the power to make the laws!
  • What about our independence?
  • Boston Massacre-1770
  • Stop in the name of the law!
  • The British made a law that said that the colonists couldn't settle past the Appalachian Mountains to avoid conflict with the American Indians. The colonists were not happy about this because people on the frontier were getting evicted from their homes.
  • Boston Tea Party-1773
  • Britain will pay!
  • Parliament stated that they had the power to make laws for the colonies they did this because they wanted the colonists to stop rebelling and to prove that they had power. The colonies were worried that the act stripped away their independence.
  • The Intolerable Acts-1774
  • 1.Boston harbor will be closed til Boston pays for ruined tea2. Massachusetts's charter is canceled3. Royal officials accused of crimes are sent to Britain for a trial4. Quartering act requires colonists to house British Soldiers5. A large amount of land will be given to the Quebec colony6. General Thomas Gage is the new governor of Massachusetts
  • The Boston Massacre started off as a small fight between a British soldier and colonists but escalated quickly. The British soldier struck a colonist with his gun and colonists started to throw snowballs at him. Then someone in the crowd yelled "fire" and in the end, 5 colonists had been shot.
  • 1st Continental Congress-1774
  • We must Fight for our freedom!
  • On December 16, 1773, a group of colonists disguised themselves as Indians, snuck onto a ship and dumped 340 tea chests into Boston Harbor. The colonists were fed up with Parliament taxing them and so they thought that if they dumped their most prized good into the water it would make it better.
  • After the Boston Tea Party, The British were furious and they passed the Intolerable Acts. There were 6 acts that were set into place; the British hoped that these acts would put the colonies back into order but instead it made the colonists even angrier.
  • Representatives from all 13 colonies (except Georgia) came together to form the 1st Continental Congress. They were organizing a colonial resistance against the Parliament.
  • Britain is out of control!
  • They must be stopped!
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