Revolutionary War Advantages and Disadvantages
Updated: 3/8/2021
Revolutionary War Advantages and Disadvantages

Storyboard Text

  • British Disadvantage:Reason For Fighting
  • American Advantage:Fighting Style
  • The colonists hid behind rocks and trees when fighting.
  • Take cover men! We can't be seen!
  • American Advantage:Familiarity With Land
  • British Disadvantage:Fighting Style
  • The British marched in fields in long lines.
  • British Disadvantage:Familiarity With Land
  • American Advantage:Reason For Fighting
  • The colonists were fighting for their independence.
  • Remember men, if we win this war, we're free from British rule.
  • Remember men, we're fighting for our king!
  • The British were fighting for King George, not a particular reason.
  • The colonists new the land since they live here.
  • We cross here men!
  • Ummm...which way is Saratoga again?
  • The British were 3000 miles from home so they didn't know the land.