Scenario 2
Updated: 6/12/2020
Scenario 2
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  • As we see here, we are mere moments from the disaster that is going to occur, Taha has tripped and from the looks of things, it seems like he is going to stabbed me in the arm
  • Scenario 2: Scissors
  • When getting stabbed with scissors that contain germs, they bypass your first line of defense, but as they do that, your second line of defense becomes active. When body cells are damaged, they release chemicals that leak into the surrounding tissue which creates swelling, this swelling also helps attract phagocytes to the area which contains the damaged cells and bacteria and eats them both up.
  • Another thing in the body that helps against the pathogens are the mast cells, mast cells sprays the area around the stab with Histamine which causes the blood to dilate and become more leakier and help make it easier for the Macrophage to come in and eat the pathogens, once it eats the pathogen, it becomes a phagosome. Lastly, when your body temperature rises, it makes the pathogen have a harder time multiplying and spreading.
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