Updated: 7/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 2.Very good! I had a lot of Fun.
  • 1.And how did it go in the camp?
  • 3.The director told us a legend about the camp, which said that the founder's ghost was prowling around the area.
  • 4.We decided to search for the ghost after that.
  • 7.I can't believe they are afraid.
  • 5.We shouldn't be here.
  • 6.Quiet is just a legend.
  • 8. We split up, but we heard a noise that turned out to be the director.
  • 10.Girls! Good that I find them, they had me worried.
  • 9. Who is there?
  • 11. He took us back and told us not to go out again so late.
  • 13.They were already in the cabin, the director found them first...
  • 12. And the rest of the girls?