The campfire
Updated: 11/16/2018
The campfire
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Storyboard Description

A group of friend goofing of telling scary stories... will they come true and haunt them.

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Can someone say a story please
  • I think I should tell my scary story....
  • Once upon a time, in this very same spot, 10 years ago......
  • Rising Action
  • Scene: A group of friends are hanging out in the woods around campfire Camera shot/ Angle: Long Shot Music: Campfire songs Sounds: Crickets, water, fire, wood crackling
  • Climax
  • .... blah... blah. 
  • Scene: There sitting around a campfire and a girl starts telling a scary story to her friends. Camera Shots/ Angles: Long Shots Music: Intense Sounds: Crickets, water, wood crackling, fire, and talking
  • Falling Action
  • I think I see a Shadow........
  • .....The End.
  • Scene: She's telling a story that happened ten years ago Camera Shots: Long shot Music: None Sounds: Crickets. water, fire, wood crackling
  • Resolution
  • Scene: she's finishing her tail Camera Shots/Angles: Long Shot Music: none Sounds: Crickets, Water, Fire, wood crackling
  • Scene: finishes story, but someone notices a shadow in the trees Camera Shots/ Angles: Long Shots Music: Intense music Sounds: Crickets, Water, Fire, Wood Crackling
  • Scene: The shadow is behind the tree, hiding. Camera Shots/ Angles: Long Shots Music: Scary Mystery Music. Sounds: Crickets, Water, Fire, Wood Crackling, Heavy breathing. ......The End.....
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