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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • Can I sit with my friend?
  • Can I use the bathroom?
  • God, I want to go home right now..
  • Like every school day, I was always very deprived and didn't really know or care what was going on, most of the time I wish it was lunch were I can sleep or be on my phone or the last period where I can just rush and get through the last assignments I had to work on.
  • During our way home, I listen to music that makes me feel alone and calm since its a good feeling to be by yourself with no interruptions. Sometimes me and my friend (who sits next to me) try to start any random conversations that can last the whole bus ride.
  • On my way home I noticed a package left on my doorstep, small and most likely fragile. So I took the package inside and left it aside the front doorway.
  • I decided to give my dad a call, since he was the first person I can think of who could've ordered something.
  • (My dad is home and tells me to open the package to see what it is)I was stunned to see something I never thought I will see. At first I was sad because I was getting nostalgia from the object in the package.
  • (This storyboard is not fully accurate to the final draft, some parts were changed or scrapped.)
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