Kyrie Irving!
Updated: 3/16/2021
Kyrie Irving!

Storyboard Text

  • We can see Kyrie Irving dunking a ball. After Kyrie dunks the ball, he returns to the earth with the aid of a force called Gravity. Gravity always points towards the center of mass, or in this instance, the Earth. This shows that Kyrie is being pulled into the center which would imply that the Earth is round! On to the next one!
  • here you can see kyrie irving dunking a basketball
  • The horizon shows that the Earth is flat!
  • In this scene we can see Kyrie Irving and Ezra at two different places, very far from each other. Kyrie is in the dark and Ezra is in the sun. If the Earth were flat then they would both be in the same time of day, but because the Earth isn't flat they experience different times of day!
  • If the Earth was flat then there would only be one pole, the North Pole. This would make all stars circle around the North Pole in a spiral pattern. But we can see that stars don't necessarily have a pattern and are freeform. This proves that the earth is flat.
  • In this final scene we can see the horizon. The horizon clearly depicts the curvature of the Earth. The sun disappears beyond the horizon to give light to the other side of the Earth meaning that the Earth is round.