The broken blade by noah shearen-jarombek hr5
Updated: 2/27/2020
The broken blade by noah shearen-jarombek hr5

Storyboard Text

  • good bye
  • i'll miss you
  • I wish i could go home, my hands hurt but at least evryone is nice
  • aaaaaahhhhhhhhh
  • nooooooooo
  • Pierre is leaving Lachin and his family and friends on his first voyageur trip. His father cut off his thumb chopping kindling for fire to heat the house.
  • we shuld have stuck to shore
  • Pierre is portaging his load but somebody filled his pack with musket balls.
  • This is kind of underwhelming. After everything my father said this is kind of sad.
  • They were flying down the rapids trying to dodge boulders and their canoe got stuck. LaLonde got out and freed the canoe but slipped and got swept away.
  • hey dad i'm home.
  • While they wee crossing lake Superior when they started to take on water.It was very rough and choppy.
  • When they finally got to Grand portage all he saw was a couple wooden shacks and a wooden fence. He met a Native American named Mukwa, when they ate dinner with him they had dog. Pierre liked it until he found out it was dog.
  • Pierre is getting back from on his first voyageuar trip. he is planning on going again next year and his brigade chief said he might be able to winter next year.