ELA plot development
Updated: 2/16/2021
ELA plot development

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  • Exposition Setting & Characters
  • Exposition : Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • While Sage is finishing her last shift at the coffee shop she works at in Scranton, Pa , Pam Beesly, one of her regulars, is just finishing up a cup of coffee. Pam had just got off work, and was planning to meet her friend Jim. After about an hour Pam seemed upset and left
  • Climax / Turning point
  • After she had left Sage noticed that she left her wallet sitting right on the table with all of her information in it, as well as money. She saw an address on a card, and set off to return Pam's wallet. They had only made small talk a few times, so she hoped it wouldn't be to awkward
  • Falling Action
  • *mural sketch*
  • Once she made it to the address, she knocked on the door and returned her wallet. Pam had a lot of gratitude towards Sage for taking the time to return her belonging, so she thought the least she could do would be to invite her in.
  • Resolution
  • After talking for what seemed like hours, Pam showed Sage her ideas for the upcoming mural she was painting in the warehouse of the Office she works at. She was really nervous people weren't going to like her mural, but surprisingly Sage was amazed by her shading skills and attention to detail.
  • Every idea that Pam showed Sage she loved, all the while giving Pam acceptance and encouragement to finally paint this mural she'd been planning for months. Over several hours of discussion they had each added new ideas to the mural, overall causing Pam to stop over thinking it.
  • Finally, Pam gained the confidence to begin her mural. This would eventually be the beginning of her artistic career that shapes the rest of her life.