shays rebellion storyboard
Updated: 11/9/2018
shays rebellion storyboard
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  • Hayden Doering 5th Shays dreadful Rebellion 11/5
  • a lot of taces had began to take place and some people just couldn't afford to pay these taxes so people lost there jobs and didn't have enough money to pay for other things
  • i just lost my job!!!
  • the farms were greatly affected by the takes because they didn't have enough money they had money but not a lot as they would have to work harder just to try to keep their land
  • please stop i don't have enough money to pay taxes 
  • the goverment raised there taxes and farmers thought it was way to much money since farmers couldn't pay it they had there farm taken away or they were thrown in jail but some farmers though that was unfair so they started a rebellion
  • we shall keep our land NO MORE TAXS!!!
  • get out of here and go back to your farms you farmers
  • when the farmers got through and made the government really mad the government decided to send a miltary so stop the farmers and send them back to there farms
  • no more of this constitution give everyone a balanced tax
  • many people saw shays rebellion and saw that the constitution they had was not working so they decided to side with shays rebellion to remove the constitution they had
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