Animal Farm Storyboard II
Updated: 2/13/2020
Animal Farm Storyboard II

Storyboard Text

  • Animal Farm, prepping for an inspection...
  • Napoleon was well aware of the bad results thatmight follow if the real facts of the food situation were known, and he decided to make use of Mr. Whymperto spread a contrary impression.
  • On some suitable pretext Whymper was led through the store−shed and allowed to catch aglimpse of the bins. He was deceived, and continued to report to the outside world that there was no foodshortage on Animal Farm.
  • Chapter 7, in Animal Farm...
  • Animal Farm had decided to hold relations with the other farms, as well as humans. Napoleon, pictured above, knows that Animal farm is starting to starve. They don't have enough food and Mr. Whymper was on his way to inspect the feed. Napoleon in the end got his dogs to fill the feed bins with a layer of gravel to make the food look much higher.
  • Mr. Whymper, who saw the fake feed bins, assumed everyone was okay and well fed and continued on with his day. Animal farm continued to maintain a good reputation with the outside world.