Mi'kmaq creation myth
Updated: 11/7/2020
Mi'kmaq creation myth

Storyboard Text

  • The Earth moments after its creation and the work of The Giver of Life Grandfather Sun and Mother Earth
  • The Life-Giver caused three bolts of lightning to strike, and from them, the first human, Glooscap was formed
  • I have been sent by a great spirit to tell you that you will soon be joined by your family, to learn your place in this world.
  • Glooscap was soon joined by his grandmother who was formed from a rock. Her purpose was to provide knowledge and wisdom.
  • Next was Glooscap's nephew who was formed from wind, ocean water, and sweetgrass. His purpose was to provide strength and vision into the future.
  • Last was Glooscap's mother, who was formed from a leaf that fell from a tree. Her purpose was to provide life, strength, understanding, and colour.
  • The eagle came back and told Glooscap that it was time for him and his grandmother and him to go to the spirit world.
  • It's time for you two to go, but don't let that fire burn out!
  • From this fire, seven women and seven men wll fly out and create the first seven families, which will create the first seven clans. The Mi'kmaq were one of these clans.
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