The causes and effects of the French and Indian War
Updated: 12/12/2020
The causes and effects of the French and Indian War

Storyboard Description

The British and French each thought they owned the Ohio RIver Valley, in order to claim this and everything east to the Ohio RIver, the British had to go to war. The native americans, who were living in North America, joined the French and British sides. They joined the French and British because when the British and French took their land they didn't like it so they split up into both sides. In the end, the British came out on top and won everything to the east of the Ohio River Valley.

Storyboard Text

  • Can we agree that the Ohio River Valley belongs to the French?
  • No, The Ohio River Valley is ours! This causes for war!
  • We don't like how French is taking our land. We're going with the British.
  • Well we don't like what the British are doing. We are joining the French.
  • What!? This is unfair. At least let us have a say. This causes for another war.
  • We won the war so we are in control of you guys
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