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Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Salazar and Son's
  • You, my son, are now old enough to join the business.
  • I have to work in the office?
  • When Ramon turns 16, his father finally let him join their family pearling business. But soon, Ramon found out that he is not really a partner in the house, but is being sent to work in the office of the store instead. He is very sad when he realizes this because all he wanted to do was learn to dive for pearls. 
  • Luzon comes to La Paz to sell fine pearls to the Salazar's. While Ramon's father is away, he asks Luzon if he could teach him how to dive for pearls in the lagoon by his house. He says yes, and Ramon leaves with him.
  • Luzon teaches Ramon how to dive for pearls and on his first dive in the lagoon alone, Ramon finds the Pearl of Heaven. He hopes that bringing this pearl back to his father, will make him change his mind and he will let Ramon go pearl diving with him and the fleet.
  • The town broke into celebration over the finding of the great pearl. Everyone in La Paz heard about the great pearl and wanted to see it. One night the pearl was ruining everything, so Ramon decided that he would try to get rid of it. He stole it from the church and brought it to the lagoon.
  • When Ramon got to the lagoon, he realized that the Sevillano had been following him the whole time. He knew Ramon stole the pearl and was there to get it back. Ramon threw the pearl into the water, but the Sevillano swam into the water to retrieve it and when he caught up to Ramon once again, he said that they were going to take the pearl to Guaymas to sell it. Ramon didn't really have a choice, since the Sevillano threatened to hurt him if he refused.
  • Ramon and the Sevillano got in the Sevillanos boat and headed to Guaymas. Ramon had to row the boat while the Sevillano poked him in the back with a knife so he wouldn't try and escape.