The Adventures of Dukes the Trig Duck

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Adventures of Dukes the Trig Duck

Storyboard Description

Ducks uses trig ratios to save the Old West!

Storyboard Text

  • Oui Mate! Didn't quite see you there lad, I'm Dukes and I can time travel. How you doing? QUACK! My bad, my duck senses are going off and you seem not to know much about trigonometric ratios. Lucky ye found me lad. Let me take you on a trip to thee Old West QUACK!
  • Dukes the Trig Duck
  • OH NO! While Dukes is on the lookout for food, Chad the anti -Trig monster appears. Help Dukes figure out in what degree he must jump to duck-kick Chad in the face if his head is 5 feet away and 3 feet away from him.
  • Don't mind my ol' cell here. I am not the most "respectful" duck in town but I am the smartest one. That is why I escaped that thing. That bread is looking mighty delicious. Using the trig ratio formula (SOH, CAH TOA, how high will I have to jump with these arthritic duck legs if I am 2 feet away from the haystack with 65 angle of elevation?
  • 65
  • 2
  • x
  • Many Duck Years Ago at Lord Duck's Hut.....
  • Because Dukes is so good at Trig, he morphs into the Ultra Dukes. Chad has no more chance of survival and flees the scene. The town claps for Dukes.
  • Bless me with the trigonometric ratio truths!
  • Remember these formulas. Sin = O/HCos = A/HTan = O/A
  • By using Lord Ducks trig ratios, Dukes is able to figure out that Tan(65)=x/2. By cancelling the 2 and multiplying on both sides, he quickly gets 2 Tan (65)= x which he then plugs into his new Duck iPhone. X = 4.5 FT.
  • Golly G that's too high for my ol' duck legs lets find some food outside.
  • 65
  • 2
  • 4.3
  • Using Cosine, Dukes calculates Cos(x)= 3/5. Dukes remembers Lord Duck mentioning using the inverse of the trig function to figure out angles. Cos-1 (3/5) = 53 degrees.
  • Whats up loser.
  • Here we meet again Chad.
  • x
  • = 53
  • 5
  • 3
  • The End