War of 1812 pt. 2
Updated: 1/31/2020
War of 1812 pt. 2
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  • British Attack Washington D.C.
  • Burn it to the ground!
  • Battle of Fort McHenry and The Star Spangled Banner
  • We were ready for you
  • Hartford Convention
  • Britain was able to send more troops over to America because of the end of the war between France and Britain. They were able to overcome the militia that met them where they sailed in because the militia was not expecting the large amount of British soldiers. The British soldiers set the White House on fire, but the government officials were able to escape before then.
  • General Andrew Jackson and The Battle of New Orleans
  • We are at war, attack that British fleet.
  • At the Battle of Fort McHenry, the militia was ready for the larger British army because they had heard about the British attack on Washington D.C.. During this battle, there was a lawyer that had been taken by the British that was able to see the American flag still standing, and wrote a poem on the back of a letter that became the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.
  • Treaty of Ghent
  • The British surrender to America in order to end the War of 1812
  • This was a meeting of people who wanted to decide what the North should do next because they did not agree with how the government was acting. Many wanted New England to secede, but the members of the Hartford Convention didn't want to use extreme action. They decided to make more amendments that gave more regional political power.
  • Nationalism
  • General Andrew Jackson was known as a national hero because although the Treaty of Ghent was signed, he did not hear about it, and told his men to attack a British fleet of 7500 men. This was known as the Battle of New Orleans, and was a large success to the nation.
  • The Treaty of Ghent is what signified the war was over, and that America had won. Because of the slow transportation of news, many didn't find out until much later that it was signed which is why the Battle of New Orleans happened.
  • After this war, the nation developed a strong sense of nationalism which is a person's pride and loyalty in their country. They felt that they had a good repuation because they were a strong stable country that could defend itself.
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