Revolutionary War
Updated: 2/22/2021
Revolutionary War

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  • To begin, the Revolutionary War with the Boston Massacre where a fight broke out between the Bostonian's and the soldiers.
  • During that event, 5 colonists. One being Crispus Attucks.
  • This led to propaganda's being put up about the killing and led colonists to boycott British goods.
  • Parliament then repealed all of the Townshend Acts taxes.
  • In 1773, parliament passed the Tea Act. The Tea Act allowed the company a virtual monopoly of the trade for tea in America
  • The colonial merchants called for a new boycott and the Daughters of Liberty issued a pamphlet that they'll part with their tea.
  • Then came the Boston Tea Party. Three ships arrived in the Boston Harbor. The royal governor refused to let the ships leave and ordered them to unload. The Sons of Liberty acted swiftly.
  • On December 16, a group of men disguised as Mohawks boarded the ship late at night. They threw 342 chests of tea overboard into the harbor.
  • TEA
  • King George III realized they are losing control pf the colonies. In 177, the British passed the Coercive Acts. These acts closed the Boston Harbor until Massachusetts paid for the ruined tea. It also forced Bostonian's to shelter soldiers in their homes.
  • Finally, parliament passed the Quebec Act which set up a government for Quebec. It also gave area west of the Appalachian mountains to Quebec.